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Who Is The Master Of Sexy Wearable Hair?

We all love that tussled hair look, that makes us feel fabulous, sexy and well just simply gorgeous.

Some of us are very lucky to have that fabulous naturally, however, most if us well we have to try much harder. In fact it probably takes 50, 000 selfies to make sure we have a picture of just how fabulous we looked.

Well ladies there are loads of fab products and accessories out there that help us, but if you’re looking for products that can help with a variety of looks, then you need to find The Master Of Sexy Wearable Hair!

Who is the Hair Master?

It’s the fabulous Mark Hill.

Mark is based in Yorkshire and is still the only hairdresser outside London to have won the British hairdresser of the year twice, and is the only UK hairdresser to have ever won the prestigious international hairdresser of the year accolade twice in succession, firmly establishing his global status as the ‘master of sexy wearable hair’.

If you’re looking for a fabulous new range of hair products that can get you looking and posing like a celeb, take a look at the Mark Hill range.

Article written by Tasha O’Brien