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How Clean Are Our Cosmetic & Perfumery Brands?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been extremely busy visiting department stores and cosmetic brands throughout the UK and all under cover I might add!

One of our many irritations is visiting brands and retailers who look oh so wonderful on the outside, and on the inside well are they as clean, shiny, bright and wonderful as they look outside?

Well here goes…

Out of 150 different counters and stores visited throughout the Cities of Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and London, we came across a shocking find.


We found fragrance counters all looking pretty on the back wall, but when you really get close. We see dirt, grime, chipped tiling, testers with finger marks, no lids and to my shock and horror no link selling products neither. ( that’s for another day )

What has happened to our sacred Beauty industry?

I started working in Beauty over 20 years ago and no matter what time of year or what was going on, your fragrance area should sparkle as if it was Christmas all year round.

I’m saddened to say nooo  this is not happening.

Fragrances should be looking like that luxury item you just need to invest in for yourself or your partner, friend etc… Not gathering dust, looking as if it’s making it’s way to the loading bay to get trashed.

You won’t believe what we came across next!


Oh My…Oh why, oh why, oh why…

Sacred Beauty Industry – what is everyone doing?

Cosmetics has been around for decades as we know and we have more brands to choose from now like never before. This is a dream come true for many of us and it’s great that the industry keeps growing and growing however, there’s one thing we must not forget and that’s the cleanliness of our cosmetics.

Out of all the locations and brands we visited, to my horror yes horror… there were many brands with dirty, grimey products on show.

Testers or not, these are the essence of every sale!

Are the consultants now a days too busy to clean their testers, brushes etc… Yes here I go again in my day we had to clean our testers every morning before opening, everything lids and all, and yes you’ve got it during the day too. After every use we would clean and have spotless ready to use and demonstrate to the next customer and the next.

After reviewing the above and long conversations with colleagues and ex beauty colleagues, on a scale of 1-10 how clean where our counters, fragrances, cosmetics, brushes etc…

We’d say 9-10 and that’s being really honest.

We’re not a company to shame brands, as we understand not everyone is perfect and there’s always room for improvement, so for those of you who want to know who it is, we won’t be publishing here.

However, we will be contacting the brands / retailers directly.

Hope you enjoyed, many thanks

Tracy Ann

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