Month: February 2019
Beauty City International

Is London Fashion Week working for the Independants?

Absolutely yes and that's, thanks to teams like Oxford Fashion Studio! For the eighth consecutive season, Oxford Fashion Studio continues to create a platform for independent designers, bringing international exposure to their roster of designers. Representing independent design culture since 2009, the OFS team has delivered 100+ runway shows across all fashion capitals showing 600+ designers f..
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Floral March and Perfect For Mother’s Day!

FLORAL INSPIRATION If you're looking for some floral inspiration, then why not try it in a beauty product. March is the perfect month to look at investing in a new collections of beauty products and L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom is just perfect. There's a whole range available from Lip Balms, body lotions, soaps to face mist. Did you know? The cherry tree is part of the Provençal landsca..
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Are you ready for Spring 19?

It would appear that the 1980s will not quit. Plundering the decade for yet another round of inspirational looks, you are going to carry on seeing strong shoulders, lamé, glitzy party dresses, Princess Diana–worthy skirt suits and gaudy accessories that all echo the eighties most outrageous trends. The great thing is, if you get this right you'll not only look fabulous your confidence ..
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Nutrition & Dietics, in the 21st Century – by Anusha Sareen

21st Century Nutrition is an ever changing current of possibilities – where one moment produce is a superfood, the shelves are over stocked and everyone is a raving fan…to the next moment where its pH suggests a reduced intake is the way to go. The nutritional value of ingredients is constantly fluctuating, from research developments, to genetic modifications, and each individual’s unique re..
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Celebrity Inspired NativeNative Cosmetics Launches

Native Who? NativeNative has gone into a soft launch and are on a mission to get make upright! They're INCLUSIVE – for everyone, EXPLOSIVE - colorful, ICONIC- representing you. Native Native is a reflection of you, they love the inner and outer you… NN say "We do makeup the right way" – It’s time to rock the world, together. What are their core values? NN say "Our numbe..
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Ladies will you be sharing your eyeshadow with your guy in 2019?

If you havent seen it already, check out below: David Beckham left fans shocked after he posed for a magazine shoot with a bold eye-makeup look. The former footballer looked unrecognisable as he sported a forest-green eye-liner with his lids covered in the same colour. Posing in a slick cream suit for Love magazine, the 43-year-old can be seen gazing off into the distance in the cover ima..
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