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Perfect Your Pout

Now we all strive for that perfect pout don’t we!

Did you know you can get the perfect pout without lip fillers, now don’t get us wrong lip fillers are really great for some people and with the right surgeon you can get a very natural fuller lip look.

However, lip fillers aren’t for everyone.

So if you’re not looking to have you lips injected then please read on.

We’ve used the NativeNative Devine Duo Perfect Your Pout lip kit, the lip kit currently comes in four shades and is really easy to use.

The great thing here is that the lip pencil and lip strobe is matching which helps when aiming to give a fuller look of your lips.

How To Pout Your Lips Perfectly?

Exfoliation Is a Must

Exfoliation ensures removal of dead skin cells and flaky skin, leaving behind soft and smooth lips. If you have super dry lips, exfoliate at least twice a week with a homemade or store brought scrub. Use a soft toothbrush or damp wash cloth to rub over the lips for some extra exfoliation.

Stay Moisturized

We’ve heard of the benefits of including a moisturizer for our face in our daily beauty regime. Then why not treat the lips the same way? Lip balms and creamy lip conditioners are available in the market that helps keep the lips moisturized and protected from harsh sun rays.

Grab Yourself a Vitamin E stick

Massage the lips morning and night! Vitamin E is a natural defense for the skin and helps strengthen the body’s defense as well as maintaining skin and eyes.

Once you have your routine together of looking after your lips, now its time to get that perfect pout naturally.

Grab your ;lip pencil and follow your natural line around your cupids bow, starting from the points downwards, if you need to accentuate these a little this is the best time do do this with slow, feather strokes to build on.

Feather strokes work better as you can gradually build on the fullness and look you desire.

Once you have your cupids bow looking great, follow your natural lip line, if again you’re looking for a fuller look, move slightly outer however, not to much as it will start to look to fixed. Again feather strokes, not all at once. Gradually follow your lips all the way around through to the the bottom lip and again up to the top until you meet again at your Cupids Bow.

The pigmentation in the NativeNative lip pencil is very good, however, if you want a deeper colour and want your lipstick shade to really last fill in your lips with the lip pencil shade too.

Now to complete the look, grab your lip strobe and glide your lipstick over your lips starting again at the top in your cupids bow area and complete your naturally fuller looking Kissable lips.

Good luck and we’d love to see how well you’ve accomplished natural looking lips naturally.