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Rain proof your hair this winter!

The rainy winter months are approaching, the dreaded weather which turns your hair into a frizzy mess after hours of styling it. Technological developments within the hair market have provided us with a solution. From salon treatments to products that can be used at home, there are a number of rain proof hair treatments available to keep frizzy hair at bay. 

Kérastase has developed a new salon service, a treatment that’s applied to wet hair and provides a coating around the hair follicles to shield from exposure to moisture. The K-water treatment utilises lamellar technology and amino acids to protect the hair against split ends that cause puffiness and frizziness. 

A similar take home alternative is Colour Wow’s Dream Coat.  Utilising polymer technology the hair mist acts as a shield to seal the hair against moisture. “Dream Coat wraps around your hair like a jacket and wicks away moisture.” Says celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine. 

The simple application process requires applying the product generously to damp hair, ensuring every strand is covered before blow drying, once blow dried the heat activates the polymers within the hair mist keeping the hair silky and smooth, protecting the hair for up to 3 washes.

The product has been a hit on amazon with 5 star reviews, currently priced at £24 for 200ml. It’s definitely a product worth investing in.