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Is it really worth investing in Face Masks?

From brightening your complexion to boosting collagen and refining pores, there’s nothing a good sheet mask can’t do for your skin.

So much so that celebrities, makeup artists and dermatologists have also come on board.

In the last year, the likes of Karlie Kloss, Victoria Beckham and Chrissy Teigen (among many others) took to Instagram to share snippets of themselves sprucing their skin with the latest offerings from 111 Skin, Estée Lauder and a host of other branded masks that have arisen as a result of the trend.

The best part about these masks?

Unlike a cream or serum that can take a while to really show the benefits on the skin, masks are instant. Allowing your face a few minutes to soak up a hard hitting dose of active ingredients and nourishing botanicals can transform the appearance of your complexion instantly.

It’s why these masks have become skin saviours for everything from red carpet prep with the stars, to Sunday evening skin detoxes before starting a fresh week at work….

Coutesy of Camilla Cooper