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Most Popular Beauty Treatments Post Lockdown

As countries start to pick up and aim to get their beauty businesses working as smoothly as possible after lockdown and consumers needing to feel normal again. What are the most popular beauty treatments?

We’ve heard so many stories of how you all feel when you’re not indulging in your “must-have” beauty treats, with most of you missing out on your waxing, having to walk around hairier than usual, or having more ingrown hairs than you’d like. The lack of elegant nails and long lashes.

Well it seems you’re not alone and that the whole world seems to be thinking on the same lines with the following being the top three treatments people have rushed to do once their Lockdown was lifted:

Top Three Must Have treatments after Lockdown!

Nails (Manicures & Pedicures), Lash Extensions and Waxing.

Aesthetics at the moment seems to be at the bottom of most peoples list.