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Supporting Afro/Caribbean Hair and Beauty, Asian Bride MUA’s and Everyday Talent!

How important is it to support Afro/Caribbean hair and beauty, Asian Bride MUA’s  and every day talent?

We think extremely important, there are a few awards now run internationally, however, it’s really important to remember to be involved with voting for the ones that support emerging talent, every day talent and diversity such as:

  • The Fashion Awards who are a fundraiser for the BFC charities and focus on celebrating excellence in the fashion industry and supporting the future pipeline of creative talent.
  • Our very own HBF’Awards we are the only award brand that has categories to include Afro/Caribbean hair and beauty and Asian Bride MUA’s. Make a difference this year and nominate someone you know in the Hair, Beauty & Fashion industries who deserve to be recognised.
Please note the above awards are not the same as the Hair, Beauty & Fashion Awards as seen throughout this website.