Year: 2020
Beauty City International

How to keep the frizz away this autumn

Hair hacks   As we transition into the autumn season, our hair is due to be affected by the gloomy weather conditions that are heading our way. However there are a number of simple ways to keep brittleness at bay and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.     Using a silk pillowcase Something as simple as changing the type of pillowcase you commonly use to a silk or s..
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The Versatile Oil You Never Knew You Needed!

Idan oil is a multi use moisturising oil by the wellness and cosmetic black-owned brand Liha beauty. The brand merges British aromatherapeutic elements with natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Shea Butter from Yoruba culture.   Idan is derivative of the Yoruba word for magic, which Liha Beauty believes best describes the versatility and amazing benefits of the oil. Idan is made ..
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New Government COVID regulations come into force for businesses and venues

New Government regulations have come into force to ensure businesses continue to be COVID compliant by following the Rule of Six and maintaining social distancing between customers. Hospitality venues in England are legally required to enforce the rule of 6 and social distancing or face a fine of up to £4,000. The new rules will mean certain businesses and organisations, including hospitali..
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Lip Scrubs, Are They Worth It?

During the Summer months, lips are more susceptible to dryness, cracking and flakiness; I know mine are despite how many layers of Carmex or Vaseline I've applied throughout the day. The weather is not the only cause of dry lips, dehydration and lack of vitamins can also cause frequent dryness; lip scrubs can be a great way to help tackle the problem. Lip scrubs, not only get rid of dry and dead ..
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A new destination for everything Hair and Beauty has opened up in Chichester.

A new destination for everything Hair and Beauty has opened up in Chichester. The new salon Grace, opened its doors earlier this month. Core values of the brand are inclusive of uplifting and uniting females. As a strong essence of a girl gang community, supporting one another is clearly illustrated from the brand identity, decor and the salon experiences. Other core values for the brand include a..
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