Month: April 2022
Beauty City International

Products based from an online quiz?

Can you really design a product based from an online quiz to be completely personalized to you? The Function of Beauty, based in Pennsylvania, United States, founded in 2015, their company was to start a hair product that is perfectly personalized to you based off a 5-question online quiz. This has now expanded to hair, skin, and body care. These products are clean, science- based ingredients tha..
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Salon at Home!

What is something women use in their everyday life? This hair product gives women the luxury of being able to make their hair look professional while staying at home. These products range anywhere from $400 to the lowest being around $20 or $30. Yep, you guessed it! Hair dryers. Hair dryers have always been popular, but over these past few months, social media platforms have brought back the..
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Melaleuca: A Safer Clean

Do you prefer to not use harmful chemicals in your home, and in the products on your skin? Melaleuca is the brand for you, they have a very wide range of products, including hair, makeup, wellness, food, and home supplies. The majority of their products are vegan and cruelty free. Some of their newest products are absolutely amazing; first, we have their Exceed tooth polishes: it features P..
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