Beauty Trends for 2021

2020 was a year of dressing up and applying makeup just to wear around the house. For many makeup was on the back burner and skincare became a key focus. As we delve into the first month of 2021, lockdown has returned for us all in the UK. It is common that makeup trends are often reflective of the current state of society therefore; will 2021 follow the same precedent as the previous, or will there be a resurgence of full glam? Some of the key beauty trends spotted at the virtual Spring Summer 2021 catwalk shows are inclusive of: 

Bold eyes 

Statement eyeshadow looks are a key trend for 2021, from bright nostalgic pops of colour to dark, gothic Smokey eye looks. Eyeshadow is definitely having a moment. Runway looks would frequently pair bold eyeshadow styles with minimal skin makeup to draw attention directly to the eyes. This can be shown from catwalk makeup at the Chanel, Dior and Chloe shows. Since face masks have become a part of the everyday norm, a dramatic eye look will definitely make you stand out.  

Dewy Skin 

It seems as though emphasis on glowy and radiant skin will be in full flow for 2021, this can be achieved by using an oil based or hydrating primer accompanied by a dewy finish or hydrating foundation. Bobbi Brown’s pro makeup artist Hollie Ellis confirms this trend with the statement: ‘Au natural skin is likely to be trending in 2021. A minimal base with a natural finish is proving that less is more. Perfecting the skin to really celebrate clean, natural beauty, and focusing on what we already have, rather than changing or manipulating our assets.’  

Cat Eyes 

The traditional makeup style has been in the archives dating back to Cleopatra’s reign, throughout the Ancient Egyptian era. According to Vogue, ‘Eyeliner was a form of protection from the evil eye just as much as it was a beauty statement.’ The iconic cat eye look is definitley here to stay, the use of classic black eyeliner to create a desired cat eye look has been given a reboot for 2021. Experimenting with the colour, length and shape of the cat eye styles has become the new trend.