The Philosophy of Beauty

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Tennyson Avenue, Tamworth, UK. B79 8BS

Hi, my name is Marketa and I’ve just turned 40 years old. I was born in the Czech Republic but have lived in the U.K for over 20 years now.

In my early years i was a professional swimmer that represented my country on an International level culminating in the 1992 Olympic Games.

I have traveled the world, met President Bush at the White House and had breakfast made for me by Michal Gorbachev at his private residence (as well as the rest of the team).

After retiring from swimming at the grand old age of 18 and finishing my Secondary School of Marketing and Management i qualified as an accountant then went to university studying P.E and Math for high schools. I moved to England as an ‘au pair’, made it my home and started a family. Being in the water has always been part of my life and I ended up teaching swimming for Tamworth College and local swim schools and clubs. I eventually ended up starting my own swimming school which was successful for over 8 years.

We all get older and knowing that I’ve been busy studying and qualifying as a beauty and nail technician for the past few years. My most recent qualifications were passing exams in semi permanent makeup and micro pigmentation which i’m thrilled to now offer to customers.

I attend regular courses to ensure that I am up to date with the industry. I’m dedicated to doing an excellent job and take pride in what i do. Nails and beauty are my passion and i look forward to treating you in cosy, comfortable surroundings.

I now have over 5 years experience of microblading/tattooing in the aesthetic industry and love every single thing about what I do.

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