Beauty On The Bridge

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1 Hatchlands Road, Redhill, UK. RH1 6AA

Beauty on the Bridge is collaboration born from two individuals with many year’s experience in the beauty industry. Rina and Lynsey have known each other for over seventeen years and have almost twenty five years in the business. They have independently helped others to build successful and thriving salons and have trained and mentored more than fifty beauty therapists.

Beauty on the Bridge provides a unique salon experience with customer satisfaction at the root of every treatment and product offered.

With a no-jargon approach the team explain each treatment clearly. With a greater understanding of their treatments and products you are assured only the right treatments will be advised and that they will be administered to the highest standards.

Over the years we’ve tested many products, but come to love and trust just a few. Starting a new salon means we get to cherry pick only those products and treatments meeting our high expectation levels.
Of course we don’t promise miracles, but we do promise to do our very best to help you achieve the look and feel your heart desires and you deserve.

So, what are you waiting for, come on in and say ‘Hi’. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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