Breathe Holistic Therapy

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Edgefield Grove (146.30 mi) Waterlooville PO7 8NX

Holistic massage, in the comfort of your own home, bringing balance and calm to body, mind, and soul.
Services available;
Natural Bamboo Massage
Incorporating Bamboo into your massage is not only relaxing, but a fantastic boost to lymphatic drainage. Also fabulous for slower deep tissue work.
Requesting BackUp
Pamper your back in those hard to reach places. Perfect to decongest, smooth & soften. using professional organic, vegan products (that smell divine)
Hot Stones Massage
If you’re looking for a stress-busting treatment designed to relax and unwind, there’s nothing better than a hot stone massage. Popular for its ability to soothe both mind and body, the hot stone massage uses a combination of gentle oils and natural stones in a bid to ease muscle tension, improve c… More
Deep Tissue Massage
During a deep tissue massage, the pressure is stronger, slower, and concentrated on the problematic areas of tension, fatigue, and pain. This might lead to a little bit of discomfort. It is worth it though as it helps alleviate the pain in the long term…. More
‘Love Yourself’ pamper package offer
90 mins. 30 mins of back, neck, and shoulder massage. 15 min scalp/head massage. 45 min Reflexology facial.. (Cannot be combined with other discounts)
Heavenly Head Massage & Facial
An hour of bliss combining the holistic Charlie Locks facial with facial massage, facial Reflexology, and healing scalp massage & accupressure.
Treatment Vouchers
Give the gift of relaxation to family & friends. Free delivery. Vouchers non refundable & cannot be exchanged for cash.
Pick & Mix Holistic Massage
A consultation to find out which areas of your body need TLC the most, followed by a relaxing massage tailored individually for you. Areas to choose from: Head, Face ,Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet…. More
Back, Neck, Shoulder, & Head Massage
Add the amazingly relaxing Indian Head Massage to the Back, Neck, & Shoulder
Hand Reflexology
Want to try Reflexology, but don’t like your feet being touched? Hand Reflexology can aid relaxation, release tension, enhance sleep, and improve well being. Includes a hand massage to finish.
East meets West Facial
Cocooned in a blanket, healing face Reflexology, with the pampering of a classic deep cleanse and hydrate facial using amazing products (free from all nasties) from the fabulous local Charlie Locks.
Swedish Full Body Massage
Dedicated to your relaxation, relieving muscle stress & fatigue, this massage includes Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, & Legs. In the comfort of your own home.
Back, Neck & Shoulder Swedish Massage
Using relaxing oils, enjoy 30 minutes dedicated to your relaxation and relieving tension and fatigue in your back, neck and shoulders. In the comfort of your own home.
Indian Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage
A treatment in the sitting position. Improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, brings about a state of relaxation & well being. A great quick treat if you suffer from headaches or tight shoulders
Reflexology to aid relaxation, release tension & enhance sleep, finished with a relaxing foot massage using Songbird’s gorgeous wax.


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