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I am a thirty something mother of two from Poland, with a history of body issues, depression and low self esteem who is passionate about passing on what I have learned to help others improve their lives. Using mindfulness, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and coaching I work with unemployed people helping them get back into the employment, raise their confidence, fight addictions and deal with toxic relationships. I am also a trainer for Greater Brighton Metropolitan (MET) College and a coach for charity organisations such as WEA and the Juno Project. I also support the This is Me Project helping vulnerable girls who were excluded, or under the risk of exclusion, from school.

Like so many of us I came to the point where exercise and healthy eating were no longer enough to keep fatty bulges at bay and I started to look around for alternative solutions.

One day I watched a video of beauty gurus talking about the positive effects of Fat freezing (Cryo Sculpting). I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – the results were amazing. I went straight to my laptop and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening researching this process – medically referred to as ‘Cryolipolysis’.

After further research and discussions with friends and colleagues, I was convinced enough to purchase a machine and train for approved certification in Cryo Sculpting so I can treat others and help them feel as good about their bodies as I now do about mine.

What is Cryo Sculpting?

Cryo Sculpting is a safe, non-invasive procedure that gets rid of those stubborn areas of fat that simply do not respond to diet and exercise. ‘Bat wings’, ‘mummy tummy’, ‘love handles’ and back fat all respond well to this treatment. For most people it will only take two or three treatments to reduce fat deposits by up to 40% – in clinical trials it has been shown as 85% effective. Extreme cold is applied to the affected area to freeze the fat cells without damaging the skin or other cells. The fat cells are then eliminated from the body over the next 1-3 months.

Cryo Sculpting is not an instant fix and it can take up to 12 weeks to see full results. Although recent research shows that an area can be retreated within 4-6 weeks which speeds up the process.

Is it safe?

Not only are there around 60 clinical trials conducted on this procedure but it’s become THE No 1 cosmetic procedure in the USA.  Cryolipolysis has featured on many televisions shows (including Alan Titchmarsh) and in numerous magazine and newspaper articles about celebrities who have used and swear by the process.

Apart from a red patch and (rarely) a little bruising, there are no side effects and the entire procedure has been FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved in the United States.

What can I do for you?

After completing my training,  I treated friends and family to gain experience and prove that the treatment works on different shapes and sizes. Through this period, there were some amazing results. For example, my friend lost 1.5 inches from her lower abdomen just 2 weeks after her treatment. She is 50 years old and has had 2 children. She will probably need one or 2 more treatments to get this area completely flat, but it’s a pretty impressive start! See her before and after pictures

I want to pass on what I have learned to you. I can help you to sculpt your body, revitalise your face, reduce saggy skin and other signs of aging, and help you feel better about yourself.

Your FREE consultation

Your requirements will be discussed during your free no obligation initial consultation so I can understand what you want to achieve.  I will give you your own personal treatment plan based upon factors such as the amount and type of fat you want to get rid of and your general lifestyle habits.

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