The Elite Wax Group

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Elite Private Education, Sheffield, UK. S60 2JH

About The Elite Wax Group Ltd

The Elite Wax Group is an award winning business and product innovator within the beauty industry. The group is an Elite manufacturer of vegan wax and waxing supplies. We supply the beauty industry nationwide. The group offers intense Elite training for professionals and new starters in the industry within our Private Education Facility.

At Elite we strive to present a wax so unique, it is virtually painless, it is an easy application and fast drying for the ultimate removal. The average treatment takes 15 minutes. For salons, this allows owners and therapists to treat more people in 1 hour, allowing the salon to enhance profits, grow and expand from client turn around. The group has its own franchise salons which are the demonstration that the business model, the wax, the technique and client turn around are 100% bullet proof within a fast growing industry.


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