The Laser Specialists

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2 Bridge Road, Farnborough, UK. GU14 0HS

The Laser Specialists chosen machine is the Lynton Luminette Q. This is a Q-Switched Nd: YAG 1064nm & 532nm Laser machine endorsed by the NHS, and approved by FDA.
The like of which cannot be found anywhere locally.
Our state of the art medical grade equipment and training is from Lynton, whom have been pioneers in the science and manufacture of laser removal devices from the start.   They are the UK’s leading dedicated laser and training providers, which means all our procedures are always performed to an exceptionally high standard and ensure that our clients always get the best results. We pride ourselves on being top of our industry.
The clinic’s Laser Practitioner, Hayley, holds the highest level of qualifications within the field. Fully trained by Lynton with further training alongside Anita Clarkson, accredited by Dr Godfrey Town.
In addition, Hayley is a member of the British Medical Laser Association.
To maintain our high level of service we are one of the few laser clinics to include the use of a Zimmer Medizin System during treatments.  The Zimmer Cryo 6 has many benefits, of which include a 50% reduction in discomfort to our clients, preventing thermal damage and making treatments easier to administer.
The Cryo 6 uses award winning technology and is well known within the industry for being state of the art having been declared the Best Stand-Alone Epidermal Cooling Device which is an Editor’s Choice Award for Aesthetic Trends and Technologies.
As a member of the British Medical Laser Association, the UK’s leading advocate for the safe operation of lasers and light-based technology, we are kept up to date with national policies, continual improvement of safety standards in the field of medical and aesthetic lasers, and collaboration between clinical, aesthetic, scientific and manufacturing disciplines.


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