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Trim is the salon your hair needs. The best place to start is from the top. So here goes, my name is Stacy and I have been a hairdresser in Prestwich village for nearly 18 years. I’m very experienced in all aspects of hairdressing : Cutting, colouring, perming and total restyles. Hairdressing for special occasions like weddings, balls and many other functions where you need to look your best.

I’m confident I can give you best look from classic cuts to the latest trends and also give you the best advice on colour techniques. What sets me apart from others is my personal pride in what I do. To me hairdressing is a skill / craft that you need to have a passion to do it and you have to always work at.

Sometimes stylists forget that the key to understanding what the customer wants to achieve with their look is the consultation this is where listening is paramount and not to just go through the motions. Also on the flip side not everyone knows exactly what they want and that’s where my passion for hair styling coupled with years of experience should provide inspiration and ideas on what to go for.after all I need to get it right as my work will be on show long after you’ve left the salon. I will also give the right after care advice.

What I aim for is for people to say to you ” love your hair” where did you get it done would also be nice!

So if you want a reliable, experienced hairdresser who will listen to you and wants to achieve the best results for you. Just pop into the salon or call for a chat about your hair.

I’m always happy to offer a free consultation along with friendly expert advice.

See you soon


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