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Customer Business Growth With Beauty City International Ltd Reaches 14-53%

Do you own a #business, specialising in #Health, #Hair, #Beauty or #Fashion? If the answer is yes read on... Did you know that when your business is listed on the #BeautyCityInternational platform your business is placed in front of #thousands of #customers searching for your services daily. We're proud to be the fastest growing platform connecting businesses and customers daily. We love ass..
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Skin Better Science, Award Winning Skincare

Skinbetter Science in the UK, developed by dermatology expert Jonah Shacknai, the range combines breakthrough patented technologies in premium luxe packaging. The range features patented InterFuse™, AlphaRet™ and WEL technology. InterFuse™ has a transdermal delivery system that transports topical skincare actives faster and deeper to where they are most effective. AlphaRet™ combines two ..
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The Official PR Agency for Miss Manchester

We're so pleased to be working with Miss Manchester again this year!.. Congratulations to Suzy Bamgose on winning Miss Manchester 2019 and congratulations to all the ladies who took part. This year came with a difference as Miss Manchester had a new Director Cheryl Broadfoot who replaced Angela De Fouw who we have also had the privilege of working with. Along with a new director came chan..
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Hair, Beauty and Fashion Awards

[video width="768" height="432" mp4="https://www.beautycityinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/BeautyCiti-Awards-2015-from-La-Sala-Gibraltar-on-board-the-Luxury-5-star-Sunborn-Yacht.mp4"][/video]
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On Line Beauty Courses

With the beauty industry clearly at its peak, there's never been a better time than to get yourself trained within the Beauty Industry. Whats really great is that you don't have to go and spend all day in college to qualify. If you're interested in training, get in touch , trainers are internationally recognised. Take a look below at some o..
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Mix ‘n Match Your Nail Colours for 2019

Have you ever walked in to a nail salon without any idea which nail colour to get? We’ve all been there, and we know it can get quite overwhelming to choose from the pretty array of colours before finally getting to choose one. But do we really only have to choose one? Well, the new mismatched nail trend is taking the Internet by storm and we think it’s perfect for the Spring season! ..
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Cosset Skincare It’s a skin revolution!

We can't wait to try Cosset skin care, many celebs have been known to use the latest skincare so we thought it was time to try it for ourselves. Firstly we asked Cosset whats all the fuss about? There seem to be three key ingredients here to help with anti-aging, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Glabridin. Here's a little insight into ..
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Spot Scanning Tech – Is It A Spot (step) Too Far?

L’Oréal launches AI-powered spot-scanning tech L’Oréal skincare brand La Roche-Posay is launching the first spot-diagnosis tool engineered by artificial intelligence to provide skin diagnosis and recommendations for spot and acne-prone skin. The free Spotscan tool, available on Boots.com, contains extensive data sourced by dermatologists, including over 6,000 dermatologist patient ph..
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