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Spot Scanning Tech – Is It A Spot (step) Too Far?

L’Oréal launches AI-powered spot-scanning tech L’Oréal skincare brand La Roche-Posay is launching the first spot-diagnosis tool engineered by artificial intelligence to provide skin diagnosis and recommendations for spot and acne-prone skin. The free Spotscan tool, available on Boots.com, contains extensive data sourced by dermatologists, including over 6,000 dermatologist patient ph..
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Finding The Right Advertising Platform For Your Business.

P&G’s brand boss Marc Pritchard believes the digital media industry needs to move beyond “endless retrofitting and clean-up” to instead create a “new media supply chain” focused on quality, civility, transparency, privacy and control. Procter & Gamble (P&G) is warning digital media companies that they need a rethink of their ecosystem to build in quality, civility, transpa..
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The Official PR Agency for Miss Manchester

We're so pleased to be working with Miss Manchester again this year!. This year comes with a difference as Miss Manchester has a new Director Cheryl Broadfoot who has replaced Angela De Fouw who we have also had the privilege of working with. Along with a new director comes changes, excitement and opportunities, we're extremely proud to be working with Cheryl. This year Beauty City Internati..
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Lush Walking Away From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Lush has a habit of zigging where other retailers zag, a trait which has been key to the brand’s appeal over its 23-year history. From creating 100% vegetarian products, implementing a strict ethical buying strategy, fighting against animal testing and leading on ‘naked’ plastic-free packaging, Lush is known for applying a fiercely independent spirit to beauty retailing. On the policy ..
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Afro Caribbean Hair Products – Luxemore London

If you haven't heard of it yet, watch this space! Luxmore London Launched December 2018 in Accra, Ghana, Luxemore London is a new all-natural, premium brand disrupting the haircare market. We caught up with the Owner Annie Beatson to find out a little more: While suitable for all hair types, the products have been specially formulated to wor..
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What’s Your Favourite Anti-Ageing, Wrinkle Reducing Face Cream?

14 best anti-ageing day creams that will actually help reduce wrinkles. Time is of the essence when it comes to anti-ageing skincare, yet sourcing products that are genuinely effective is a process that cannot be rushed. This roundup was seven months in the making while we worked our way through a small mountain of moisturisers to find our top anti-agers – there were plenty that didn’t ..
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Floral March and Perfect For Mother’s Day!


If you're looking for some floral inspiration, then why not try it in a beauty product. March is the perfect month to look at investing in a new collections of beauty products and L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom is just perfect. There's a whole range available from Lip Balms, body lotions, soaps..
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Are you ready to take on the Fuchsia?

With Spring around the corner and the 80's make up styles hanging around for another amazing year. Fuschia as we all know plays a big part in our fashion and make up. Getting the right tone of fuchsia can be a little tricky at times so the easiest way to find the best shade of fuschia  for you is outlined below. Experiment with shades for your complexion and skin tone...
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Ladies will you be sharing your eyeshadow with your guy in 2019?

If you havent seen it already, check out below: David Beckham left fans shocked after he posed for a magazine shoot with a bold eye-makeup look. The former footballer looked unrecognisable as he sported a forest-green eye-liner with his lids covered in the same colour. Posing in a slick cream suit for Love magazine, the 43-year-old can be seen gazing off into the distance in the cover ima..
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