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Beauty City International

At Last A Hair Colour That Anyone Can Wear!

Yes you hear it right! A new hair colour that anyone can wear... This makes so many of us happy hear at BCI HQ. We've been all colours of the hair rainbow, well slight exaggeration but hey from bright, ash golden medium blonde, purple, rich black, red and now Ash Brown. We feel quite elated at the moment, considering a couple of us de..
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Keep It Colourful

KEEP IT COLOURFUL WITH PUREOLOGY Pureology is the number 1 professional colour care brand. We were born in California in 2001, with a simple but powerful idea: to create the very best products for colour treated hair. We led the way in creating products made with purity and good health in mind, and we pioneered the “no nasties” movement with ou..
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Hair Transplants and What does the Jargon mean?

Do you understand the Hair Transplant Jargon? What is FUE? FUE, which stands for follicular unit extraction, is the most modern technique of hair restoration. Due to groundbreaking advances in hair transplantation procedures, this is a more advanced method of transplantation than earlier techniques such as strip harvesting transplantation or follicular unit transplantation (FU..
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Who Is The Master Of Sexy Wearable Hair?

We all love that tussled hair look, that makes us feel fabulous, sexy and well just simply gorgeous. Some of us are very luck to have that fabulous naturally, however, most if us well we have to try much harder. In fact that hard sometimes once it looks great we have t take 50, 000 selfies to make sure we have a picture of just how fabulous we looked. Well ladies there are loads of fab produ..
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