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The Party Season Skin Survival Guide

We do love a good party here at BCI HQ! Unfortunately when those night after night festive parties start to roll in, some of us are prone to breakouts, cold sores and generally our skin can start to look tired even before the twelve days of Christmas have started. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our party season skin survival tips. Stock up on the vitamin..
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Become a Sensei in life with Buddha Beauty!

A-U-M! A-U-M! A-U-M! Oh sorry guys, caught me at the wrong time! I love a good meditation every now and then, really refreshing for the senses. We have all been there, wanting to make a difference in ourselves, for ourselves and I know from personal experiences, how hard it can be to stick to it. However, at Buddha Beauty, they take you by the hand and carefully lead through all the bu..
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Am I Fertile Right Now?

Knowing your fertility window can be a God send when trying for a baby ad thanks to Ava Women there's a new tracker available that's wearable. Technology is making our lives easier than ever before. With one tap, we can call a car to pick us up, order dinner, or share a photo. But when it comes to issues that specifically impact women, we’re often stuck in the last century. Cycle tracking is ..
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Why is a sensual massage oil good for you?

So in todays life we're busier than ever before, or at least that's how it seems! This can mean that we often forget to look after ourselves and our partners too. As Autumn arrives and the dark nights close in, don't have an early night, or in fact do! Invest some time into a massage  for yourself, run a warm bath or with your partner. Why? There are many benefits of a s..
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Nutrition & Dietics, in the 21st Century – by Anusha Sareen

21st Century Nutrition is an ever changing current of possibilities – where one moment produce is a superfood, the shelves are over stocked and everyone is a raving fan…to the next moment where its pH suggests a reduced intake is the way to go. The nutritional value of ingredients is constantly fluctuating, from research developments, to genetic modifications, and each individual’s unique re..
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Hot Pod Yoga is popping up all over the UK! Here's how it works. Hotpod Yoga classes offer a ‘real-life’ approach to hot yoga in a completely otherworldly setting. Refreshing and impactful, the classes have roots in vinyasa flow and are grounded firmly in reality – whether you’re there to work off a hangover, clear an over-stimulated mind or open-up an office-bound body, Hotpod Yoga ..
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