Celebrity Inspired NativeNative Cosmetics Launches

Native Who?

NativeNative has gone into a soft launch and are on a mission to get make upright!

They’re INCLUSIVE – for everyone, EXPLOSIVE – colorful, ICONIC– representing you. Native Native is a reflection of you, they love the inner and outer you…

NN say “We do makeup the right way” – It’s time to rock the world, together.

What are their core values?

NN say “Our number 1 priority is that “Native Native” has been created with everyone in mind & suitable for every skin type, all ages, races & genders. Our goal is to create products that not only “rock your world”, but inspire you and you can inspire others too! We share a common belief, that caring for each other is key”.

How do they do this?

NN say “By creating a brand that believes in using up to date technology along with delivering cruelty free products. We believe that looking after you and generations to come will always be our number 1 priority…that’s how and where we get our inspiration from!”

“Everything about you is expressed in our creativity, purpose & designs of the Native you.”

Native Cosmetics

Their cosmetics consist of a wonderful array of bold, highly pigmented, subtle and explosive colours.

Everyone is Unique at “Native Native”

NN say “Everyone is unique, iconic and what better way to show the world the real Native you by exploring with Colour. We have a whole palette of colours and products waiting for you. So go ahead truly discover the Native you and express who you are.”


NN further say “And most importantly…We never forget to give back to our charities & communities

At “Native Native” we believe in giving back to our communities & to worldwide charities by donating £1 from every product purchased… We know each and every community needs to continue to grow and a little help goes a long way!”

“The Native Native Team appreciates you all, regardless of what you look like and where you come from.”

Check out their first collection, available online and via Instagram.