Ditch the Razor Blades and Give Waxing a Go

Say goodbye to shaving bumps and ingrown hairs and book yourself an Intimate wax after lockdown. Ditch the razor blades and make waxing part of your beauty routine to give you a new sense of confidence you never knew you needed. Waxing can leave your skin hair free for up to 6 weeks, whilst shaving and hair removal creams only remove hair from the surface of the skin meaning that the hair grows back almost thicker, longer and almost immediately.  

Once you start waxing, you’ll never want to shave again. There are various different types of intimate waxing, with 3 main methods to consider; the Bikini Wax, the Brazilian Wax and the Hollywood Wax. For each method the hair must be grown out to ensure that the wax can grip onto it. The Bikini Wax strips away any hairs which would be visible in a bikini, or underwear. The Brazilian wax takes away a larger quantity of hair, the process entails the removal of almost all of the hair in the intimate area, but a strip of hair is left in the middle known as a landing strip. If you wanted to opt for no hair at all, the Hollywood wax is the choice for you, as this method requires stripping away all of the hair follicles. 

Waxing can be uncomfortable and painful in the moment; however, beauty is pain as the saying goes and the long-lasting benefits make up for a few moments of pain. Consistent waxing can make the experience less uncomfortable and provides many benefits to both your wellbeing and skincare. Receiving a wax every 4 weeks results in the hair follicles growing back shorter, finer and less frequently. Not only does waxing remove unwanted hair it also removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin, leaving you feeling silky and smooth. Instead of covered in itchy irritating razor bumps. When you use a razor, the hair is cut off at the surface of the skin or just below it; meaning that the end of the hair is blunt and can become trapped under the skin. This can in turn, result in the formation of ingrown hairs, which can often lead to painful infections. So why not take the plunge and consider switching to waxing!