Does Transparency Mean A Lot To You?

With more and more Fashion houses needing to become transparent, how important is it to the consumer.

We have a group of GenZ’s who we speak with on a regular basis and we where surprised at some of their answers.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world and a major contributor of greenhouse gases.

Parts of the industry have also been accused of breaching human rights and not paying workers enough.

But the latest Fashion Transparency Index has revealed some brands are beginning to show signs of improvement.

Campaign group Fashion Revolution looked at 200 labels’ social and environmental policies.

It found the most transparent brands were Adidas, Reebok and Patagonia – they each scored 64% of the total points possible – followed by Esprit and H&M.

So what did GenZ have to say about transparency within the brands.

We asked:

Do you think about how the items have been made, where they have originated from?

Surprisingly only 4 out of 10 said they thought about it beforehand.

Therefore 6 of when they’re shopping just want to buy the product and get it home and take the selfie. However, they did say afterwards they did think about it at various points and this may have been triggered by a news article or Parents asking and digging a little deeper.

If Transparency was more of a focus from the business would they take more interest and find out before they purchase something where it originated from etc… All 10 said yes, so it’s down to the education and responsibility from the brands to make their consumers aware and to be as transparent as possible.

Looks like most brands will be following the steps of Adidas.