Fashion Month in a Global Pandemic

The world is not as we know it, normality has drastically changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This has had an adverse effect on all industries within society, inclusive of the fashion sector. September is usually a month filled with fashion shows across the globe, however as a result of the current crisis most fashion week schedules have been made into virtual showcases. 


Many designers have embraced elements of the pandemic into their collections, heavily featuring decorative masks and face coverings to highlight that this compulsory attire can be made into a fashion statement. This can be shown from collections by designers Boro Aksu, Matty Bovan and Christian Siriano. Boro Aksu’ collection took inspiration from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic drawing on the white, minimalistic uniforms of the nurses during that time period. Accompanied by tiered pastel flapper dresses reminiscent of the prosperous 1920s era which followed shortly after; suggestive of the idea that  there are better days ahead of us. 


Some designers have opted for a contrasting message of escapism, ensuring their collections convey a uplifting theme throughout. Utilising flamboyant colour palettes and extravagant silhouettes to distract attention away from the unprecedented and uncertain times we are currently enduring. Molly Goddard adopted this approach with an array of vibrant neon garments and tulle dresses featuring heavily throughout the collection. A different direction to Goddard’s initial theme for the season which would have been made up of a neutral colour scheme. Although, in light of the discouraging effects of lockdown, an aesthetic promoting optimism seemed like a better fit. Goddard made the statement: “I realised how dark and depressing the last few months had been and more and more colour crept into the collection…In the end, it became an explosion of colour, prints and joy.” A much needed presentation to instil hope back into society, reiterating the hard to fathom concept, that this pandemic is just temporary and things will eventually get better.