Get Intimate and Become a Waxing Master

While many therapists choose to offer the basic treatments, there’s a big opportunity to step up your services with intimate waxing. Although it may seem a little scary at first, once you advance your skill set it becomes second nature.

If you already have a certification in basic waxing, this is the perfect course for you. Learn everything you need to know about intimate waxing with the help of our expert trainers and fully-developed training programme.

What’s included?

● The fundamental techniques that make up all intimate waxing treatments

● Professional hints and tips that will allow you to put any client at ease

● Health and safety, such as the importance of avoiding double dipping

● How to conduct consultations to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

● How to recommend follow up treatments and secure loyal clients

● How to use hot wax and choose right products for your customer

● How to recognise contra-indications

ABT accredited course and trainer.

Following your comprehensive course, you’ll be expected to carry out 10 case studies to demonstrate what you’ve learnt. Once we’re satisfied that your skills meet our exemplary standards, you will be invited to sit the final exam.

Our training programmes are not easy and this isn’t an automatic fast-pass. Your time and dedication is important to the completion of this course and the results will be incredible once you complete it.

What Kind of Training Should I Go For?

Classroom training

Classroom training is our most popular option. You’ll be a part of a small group where you can learn to master the basics of waxing under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Classroom training is highly recommended – its hands-on approach allows you to get to grips with treatments quickly, while preventing bad habits from forming. You’ll be able to ask questions throughout your treatment and make some lifelong friends in the process!

1:1 Intensive Training

For those who want to learn how to be the best of the best. One-to-one training ensures you have direct supervision at all times, helping you learn in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Online Training

Online training should be used only by those who can not physically attend in-person classes i.e. if you are injured or live very far away. We always recommend in-person teaching over online, as learning hands-on with close guidance is very important.

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