Harmonising Your Home – Do You Need This?

We know about radiation but have you ever thought just how much we could be affected by it on a daily basis.

We had a closer look at what EMF Home Harmony are saying and where pleasantly surprised at their latest products available.

We didn’t even know these products existed until today, and we’re all seriously thinking about investing in a diffuser for our mobiles. Have a read for yourself.

Free Yourself from EMF Stress Harmonise your environment wherever you go

The noxious radiation emitted from a mobile phone while in use, or even whilst stored nearby on a table, pocket or handbag, creates electromagnetic stress potentially on the vital organs, emotional states, glands, hormones and meridian pathways of the body, this is because its electromagnetic frequency is in opposition to our own. The effects of the EMF stress vary from person to person depending of their overall health, constitution and the duration and type of exposure.

OEA’s Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser resonates at a healthy, negative charge frequency that neutralises the potentially harmful, positive charge field created from any electronic device, this includes a portable wireless (Wi/Fi) device i.e. mobile phone, DECT/cordless phones, laptops, tablets, portable Wi/Fi Hotspot devices and Wi/Fi modems.

Many OEA customers have given feedback that the Mobile Phone and Wi/Fi Radiation Harmonisers have given total relief from the discomfort they experienced while talking on the Mobile Phone for  prolonged periods.  This is commonly known as “Hot Head Syndrome”.

The Harmoniser is universal in its use, meaning it can be used on all devices including compound curves of different devices i.e. a DECT phone. It has a self-adhesive backing so it can be adhered to the back of the mobile phone or onto any other portable wireless device.

Alternatively,  it will fit neatly under the battery or phone/tablet  protective cover so it is easily transferable from one device to another, as you upgrade your technology.

The Mobile Phone and WiFi Radiation Harmoniser, neutralises potentially harmful positive charged Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from all types of electronic devices, including; mobile phones, DECT/cordless phones, laptops, tablets, portable Wi/Fi Hotspot devices and Wi/Fi modems.

To see the full range of products available and more information please visit their website.