Huda Beauty Creates All Inclusive Nude Eyeshadow Range

Huda Beauty has created a selection of Nude eyeshadow palettes to cater to all skin types titled Light, Medium and Rich; an extension of the brands ‘Obsessions’ eyeshadow collections. The range is set to launch in department stores on October the 9th and online on October 15th, highlighting another step towards more inclusive products within the beauty industry. Each palette has been created to appeal to all skin types, allowing consumers to determine the perfect nude tones to suit their features. Nude is an ambiguous term which is solely dependent on personal preference, nude shades for darker skin tones are often overlooked by the beauty industry. It wasn’t until the emergence of the diverse make-up brand Fenty Beauty, that darker tones in foundations and concealers were widely available within both the luxury and drugstore beauty markets. Fenty Beauty sparked a conversation within the industry for brands to become more inclusive.


Huda Beauty the first make-up brand to bring an super-pigmented all inclusive nude collection to the market, a concept other beauty brands can learn from. The new nude range advocates that beauty brands should not limit shade inclusivity to just complexion products; eyeshadow, lipsticks and other make-up products should also take into consideration the various different skin tones of consumers. 


The Light Palette features a balance of light and creamy champagne shimmer hues contrasting with warmer mauve and lavender shimmers and cooler matte tones. Followed by the Medium Nude Obsessions, offering a combination of deep brown, chestnut and mauve matte tones; accompanied by copper, pink and rose gold metallic shades. Finally, the Rich palette showcases a mixture of deep berry and crimson hues along with bronze, gold, rose and brown shimmer tones. The collection provides all skin types with the resources for subtle everyday and glamourous looks; the ranges will be available at retailers: Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Sephora and Harvey Nichols.