I am my brand – Kubi Springer

Some of you may know her some you won’t! I had the privileged of meeting Kubi earlier this year at the E.A.T.O.W. Launch in the Houses of Parliament.

Kubi and I where there to speak and hopefully inspire many new starters in business.  If you think you have all the answers in business, great! If not don’t worry you’re not alone and we all need someone to inspire us in business from time to time and make us ask ourselves are we doing enough, are we on the right track? Most of all are you your brand?

On spending a couple of hours in Kubi’s presence, I was questioning myself about me and my brand and I can’t wait to get stuck into this book.

I would highly recommend reading her book if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur.

Keep reading to find out a little more on what her book is all about!


I Am My Brand is a toolkit for personal brand success. Featuring dynamic female brand builders from around the world, the book is a woven tapestry of personal brand advice with storytelling and support that offers a practical guide for female entrepreneurs, freelancers and executives. I Am My Brand explores the techniques used by different women across cultures to build their personal brand, as well as the challenges they faced and their paths to overcoming them. Focused on the skills needed to succeed, their stories – coupled with the author’s expertise – supports readers on their own journey to brand success and self-empowerment in work and life.

The book is written in a down-to-earth style, with light entertainment and real-life anecdotes, providing insights into how to create, package and grow your personal brand. Written by one of the most influential female brand builders in the UK, I Am My Brand is a testament to the power of being a woman and illustrates what it takes to build a powerful female brand in today’s male dominated business world.

In light of a prevailing gender pay gap, and rapidly changing labour market (in the UK around 1.6million people are registered as freelancers, and make up the fastest growing group in the EU labour market. “In-house” the idea of a job-for-life is rapidly diminishing, with the UK average coming in at just 4.2 years), leading brand expert Kubi Springer explains why it’s more important than ever for women to create, develop and own their personal brand.

Kubi’s methods have been tried and tested working with major brands including P.Diddy, Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey, and the practical training she has led at companies including Santander, Facebook and Rolls Royce. Throughout the book, Kubi speaks to women around the world – in various roles and across a range of sectors – including retail, creative, banking, beauty and technology, to show why it’s so important to establish your personal brand, regardless of societies perceived limitations placed on you.