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Dedicated to bringing you the best laser technology available, we are proud to partner with Fotona; leading providers of the most innovative laser technology solutions for 50 years. Fotona lasers were the first of its kind to bring two wavelengths together into one system; a bold move that has since paved the way for the industry, for both medical and aesthetic uses.

Two wavelengths, endless opportunitiesThe most versatile Fotona laser systems (The SP Line), benefit from two complementary laser wavelengths that work to get the right results across all uses and applications. These wavelengths are Nd:YAG (for the treatment of deep-lying structures) and Er:YAG (for the treatment of more superficial lesions).Making use of both wavelengths achieves superior clinical results, such as in the revolutionary Fotona4D® Facelift treatment.

Unique laser technology

Much of Fotona’s leading medical technology is patented, which has enabled them to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced systems. Their high-performance systems are powered by either Nd:YAG or Er:YAG wavelengths and the most versatile systems incorporate both. Their Q-switched laser technology holds current patents, with further pending as the technology develops.The systems use solid-state, crystal laser sources that generate the industry’s most proven and effective treatment wavelengths that are suitable for a vast range of clinical and aesthetic procedures. This is further enhanced by various operating modes and supplementary handpieces, all to ensure maximum efficiency and performance within your clinic, across all treatment types.

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Fotona Awards and industry recognition

Fotona laser technology has been admired and awarded for its innovation over many years and most recently:

  • The popular and innovative SP Dynamis system recently won the ‘Best Multi-Use Technology’ at the Aesthetic Industry Awards 2018.
  • The groundbreaking StarWalker® MaQX was named ‘Best New Technology’ at The European Aesthetic Guides’ first annual Aesthetic Industry Awards, for its Adaptive Structured Pulse technology.

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