Make Up Masterclasses – Are They Worth It?

There are so many make up masterclasses now, it’s hard to keep up. So we thought it was time to send our lovely Jemima along to one of Manchester’s successful masterclasses – Sean Maloney Make up academy.

Let’s find out if Jemima thought they’re worth attending.

What a weekend ladies and gentlemen!

Jemima here to give you all the juicy details you’ll need to see you through the week.

Now I don’t know about you, but I love a crazy night out, not exactly the whole getting ready shenanigan beforehand, the six attempts at your winged eyeliner, the four attempts at your eyeshadow and oh of course the FOUNDATION MIXING because quite frankly no-where does your shade.

However my lovelies, this is where Sean Maloney’s Makeup Academy comes in hand, not only do they host masterclasses so you can ‘bake like a pro’ but they help you from step to step giving away all of their hacks to help you get that Glam Glow look you’ve always wanted.

Sean Maloney’s event on Sunday the 30th of September was most definitely a success, I was invited down and honestly it didn’t matter who you were, how old, what race or country ( a woman in fact travelled from Lithuania for this one day masterclass!) everyone was welcome and treated with so much respect it really was lovely to see. Courses are also held at the makeup academy based at the Aurora House of Beauty salon in Monton starting from as little as £85.

An amazing buffet was also provided by a healthy food catering company, Pro Power Health who were offering a whopping 10% off all meal prep packages OR free nationwide shipping on whatever package you selected!

Head over to their Instagram to check them out!

@seanmaloneymua @aurorahouseofbeauty  @propowerhealth

Written by Jemima Wright