New Better Body Surgery Now Open!

If you’re considering cosmetic, transformation surgery, there’s a fabulous clinic now available in Newton-Le-Willows, great location for people living in between Liverpool and Manchester.

Better Body Surgery is part of the Better Body Clinic group and are now offering key surgeries including: Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, Gynecomastia, Breast Uplift and Implants and Breast Reduction.

Tummy Tucks: are suitable after something such as childbirth or weight loss, the skin on the stomach can start to appear saggy and loose due to the fact it is no longer being stretched out anymore. A tummy tuck surgery can help to get rid of this skin and stop it from showing! #tummytuck#skintightening #surgicalskintightening

Liposcution: although it is often a last resort when it comes to weight loss, is an amazing way to get rid of stubborn fat from anywhere on the body once and for all! #liposuction #surgicalfatremoval

Breast Enhancement: The difference in confidence that a breast enlargement surgery can bring to a woman is huge, especially if it is already affecting her mood and day to day life! #breastenlargement #breastenlargementsurgery #boobjob

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