Lendan – Essential Reload Prebiotic Treatment Mask 200ml


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Moisturising and Repairing Action, Soothing Effect and Refreshing Feel.

Prebiotic facial treatment mask with a moisturizing and repairing action, soothing effect and refreshing feel. Designed for professional use. Readies the skin for posterior treatments.

Offers an added prebiotic hydrating boost to the Essential Reload intensive treatment or any other specific treatment. Its formula makes it the ideal complement as it prepares the skin and facilitates the absorption of the actives contained in any facial treatment applied afterwards.

Easy-to-apply cream-gel texture.

Suitable for all skin types.


It contains Prebiotic actives, Aloe Vera 10X, HydraSkin 24, Chia oil and Squalane.

Avenanthramide: known as the main calming active of oats, its aim is to reduce the itching, discomfort and redness of sensitive skin.

Bisabolol: active obtained from chamomile. Known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.


Apply to face and neck avoiding the eye contour after the hygiene and renewal phase of any treatment.

Leave exposed for 10 minutes and remove the excess to continue with the specific treatment.

In the case of Essential Reload intensive treatment leave exposed 15 minutes and remove the excess to continue with the treatment.


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