Prebiotic Enymatic Scrub 200ml


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Eliminates impurities and renews the outer layers of the epidermis.

Dual action exfoliation which combines physical exfoliation with biodegradable cellulose particles, and bio-enzymatic exfoliation which imitates natural skin renewal. Eliminates impurities and renews the outer layers of the epidermis. Brightens and softens skin. An essential product for our facial hygiene ritual, the perfect complement to eliminate skin toxins. The result is completely clean skin, ready to absorb any posterior treatments.

The micro granules (Physical exfoliation) eliminate the most superficial impurities to illuminate the skin and recover youthfulness. The enzymatic exfoliation has a non-aggressive renewing action.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


It contains Prebiotic actives, Aloe Vera 10X, HydraSkin 24, Chia oil and Squalane.


Apply a small amount to previously cleansed and makeup-free face, avoiding the eye area. Then massage gently with fingertips or face brush, making sure to concentrate attention on rougher areas.

On thick skin wet the product again and leave to work for 5 minutes.


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