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Miss England 2020 /2021 1 winner – 2 years!

Miss England 20/21  1 winner – 2 years! The Nations Entry to the 70th Miss World The organizer of Miss England Angie Beasley has announced the new date of the next grand final. “Hopefully it will be third time lucky!” said Angie .   “The Miss England final was planned for July 2020 but Due to the pandemic it was then postponed to October.  After Miss World announced they ar..
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Will Miss England be the next Miss World?

Today we caught up with the director of Miss England, Angie Beasley  and got a little insight on how much she is really looking forward to Miss World in London. This year Miss England will be represented by Bhasha Mukherjee. Like most of the past contestants each Miss England has something really special to offer and this year is no exception and you can find out more on Bhasha below: On  ..
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