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Is this the beginning of a revolution for all department stores?

Sustainable fashion originated in the 1950s when popularity shopping at second-hand stores struck the hippie culture and wearing someone else’s old as your new was perceived as interesting. However, with a boom in fast fashion (the term coined by New York Times in the 1990s), brands alike H&M and Zara began to trend due to their cheap price tag and speedy reaction to trending fashion and rem..
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Huda Beauty Creates All Inclusive Nude Eyeshadow Range

Huda Beauty has created a selection of Nude eyeshadow palettes to cater to all skin types titled Light, Medium and Rich; an extension of the brands ‘Obsessions’ eyeshadow collections. The range is set to launch in department stores on October the 9th and online on October 15th, highlighting another step towards more inclusive products within the beauty industry. Each palette has been created t..
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