Social Media vs Sustainability

Trend forecasting is commonly used by major retail r stores seasons in advance during fashion weeks.

Inspiration from luxury fashion houses help to steer brands in the predicted trend of the coming season and an alternative cheaper item is pushed through retail stores to the public.

 Instagram and Pinterest were at the forefront of social media platforms used to create traction amongst the public for upcoming fashion trends, however TikTok is one of the main channels used by influencers to showcase their most recent looks and takes on trends.

TikTok is a video platform where users typically post life content, memes, and dancing, although a large percentage of the application is focused on the fashion industry. Popularity in hauls, unboxings and outfit ideas have grown massively through the application and Youtubers who used to post this style of videos on YouTube have steered to TikTok due to the easy usability and the shorter duration of videos on TikTok means lesser time is needed to create content.

 The implementation of social media within the fashion industry is primarily responsible for the rate fashion trends come and go and in turn how quickly brands are expected to have their turn around time for trending garments. Fast fashion brands are keen to respond to trends almost immediately however due to the garments being made for a specific trend they lack a certain quality; their usability rate is minimal, and the pieces aren’t easily integrated into your wardrobe – meaning in the long run they do not last. Fast fashion brands are growing year-on-year and the amount of fast fashion brands also despite the fashion industry being well known as one of the most polluting and environmentally unethical industries.

 Fashion trends are to be interesting and are not made for investing. Therefore, to keep a more sustainable approach to your wardrobe don’t invest a large amount of money on a bulk order at a fast fashion brand but consciously analyze the usage you will have for a piece. If you see a trend, you don’t see yourself only getting a couple of uses out of then try not to purchase it. However, if you see something because of a trend and believe you could use it within multiple outfits and will wear it for years to come then think about the quality of the piece. Instead of purchasing from a fast fashion company, search up sustainable brands and even research into local and small business you can help support.


Article by Callum Graham