The Wonders of Peppermint Oil

Its that time of year in the UK where, yes weather you love them, or hate them, they want to come into your home.

And lets face it ladies, if you’re anything like me the last thing you need to see when you’re getting ready for your big night out or when you’re coming home from a fabulous night out is “SPIDERS”

So the myth or truth is? Spiders hate Peppermint and other essential oils.

Here’s what the research says:

There’s not much scientific research proving that peppermint oil repels or kills spiders. Most commercial pest-control companies dispute claims that essential oils work as natural insecticides. Still, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence for peppermint oil getting rid of arachnids.

Here’s how to deter:

To make a spider-repellent spray, place about five drops of peppermint oil in a 16-ounce spray bottle. Fill the bottle with water, add a shot of dish soap, and shake the mixture well. Apply the spray around doors and windows, around the outside perimeter of your home, and in any dark corner where spiders may be hiding.

You’ll have to apply spider-repellent spray more often than conventional insecticides. Try applying once a week at first. If the spiders reappear before the week is up, try spraying every few days.

Placing peppermint plants in strategic places inside and outside your home may also help repel spiders. You can also try sprinkling peppermint leaves in places overrun by spiders.

Keep in touch and let us know how you got on!