Trending Hairstyles for 2021

All of us in the UK are patiently waiting for our next hairdressers’ appointment, longing for a transformation for 2021. Until then, an at home salon treatment will have to suffice. Although, when hair salons finally open their doors again, why not try out one of the hairstyles set to be a hit in 2021. Some of the current trending hair styles include. 

Return to Retro 

The iconic retro 70s and 80s hairstyle has made a comeback, sported by a number of celebrities across social media with updated, personalised versions of the cut. The likes of Rihanna, Debby Ryan, Keke Palmer and Miley Cyrus have all shown their support for the trend on Instagram. After all these years what has led to the resurgence of the controversial hairstyle? Is it the need for escapism, for something new and different, or perhaps nostalgia, a distraction from the uncertainty of our lives currently? This trend is a bit too experimental for me but if you’re a person keen to try something new, this might just be something fun to test out. 

Deep Side Partings 

If you don’t feel waiting until the easing of lockdown to create a new look for yourself, then look no further. The deep side parting style can be easily created at home. All you’ll need is a hairdryer, hairspray and a brush or comb. Deep androgynous style side partings graced the SS21 runway shows such as Chanel and Miu Miu. The style will definitely be a popular one this year! 

Invisible Layers 

Invisible layers are a celebrity favourite, that will accentuate your cheek bones. The perfect hairstyle for adding that needed volume without taking too many inches off. The look is often achieved using thinning scissors or a razor, to avoid harsh or blunt lines. “The most modern variation of layering is a slight angle around your face, usually starting around your chin and working its way down to the length…Blending the layers is very important—they have to be cut properly to look seamless…Using a technique to remove weight from the ends will make the layers appear very soft and blended.” explains celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown.